Brinkmann Turkey Fryer Review

Brinkmann Turkey FryerBrinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer can handle a 18 lbs turkey

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Experience the most juicy and succulent turkey you’ve ever tasted with the Brinkmann Turkey Fryer. This turkey deep fryer has a 30 quart pot and can handle turkeys up to 18 lbs.

Some customers even reported it can handle a 21 lb turkey!

What else can it do?

It can fry or boil lobsters! And some customers use it to brew beer!

That’s right! Check the reviews here to find out how to cook lobsters with the Brinkmann Turkey fryer or use it for brewing beer. It’s great to keep your kitchen mess-free!

Brinkmann Turkey Fryer Features

  • Outdoor turkey fryer
  • Cast iron burner 45000 BTU
  • 30 Quart aluminum boiling pot
  • Safety temperature sensor which prevents overheating by automatically shutting of the gas flow
  • Turkey hook and stand
  • 12 Inch deep fryer thermometer
  • 1 Ounce seasoning injector
  • CSA certified

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  • 30 quart pot
  • Can fry turkeys up to 18 lb
  • Overheating prevention
  • Includes a deep fryer thermometer


  • No drain valve
  • Turning down the flame to quickly will cause it to go out


Great turkey deep fryer if you’re looking for an outdoor turkey fryer

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