Char Broil Big Easy The Oil Less Turkey Fryer


Prepare to go oil less with a Char Broil Big Easy. The hard core outdoor turkey fryers probably don’t wanna hear this. To them an oil less turkey fryer comes close to blasphemy, a turkey should be fried in oil, and that’s it!

Char Broil Big Easy The Oil Less Turkey Fryer - Infra-red Turkey Fryer

However, it’s hard to ignore the advantages of this oil less turkey fryer, so before you try to lynch me, give me a chance to explain why.

What Are The Advantages Of The Char Broil Big Easy:

  • No cooking oil to purchase, that’s a good one
  • No oil to dispose off, not bad either
  • No more waiting for the cooking oil to heat up
  • Less risk of burning yourself
  • Less risk of a fire
  • Infrared technology eliminates hot and cold spots as well as flare ups
  • It’s almost as quick as an oil fryer
  • You can prepare your bird the same way as when deep frying it
  • An Infrared turkey fryer delivers juicy and totally crispy, turkeys, chickens or roasts each time
  • It’s relatively stress free
  • It’s healthier without the calories of oil.

How Does The Char Broil Big Easy Work?

Char-Broil uses a patented Heat Wave infrared technology where the cooking takes place in a double wall cylindrical cooking chamber. A fully enclosed propane burner provides all the heat, so there are no visible flames.

The infrared heat inside the cooking chamber quickly seals in the juices, resulting in a bird that’s juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The Char Broil Big Easy fryer can cook a 16 lbs turkey in 8 to 10 minutes per pound, that’s about just as fast as an oil fryer. You can prepare the turkey the same way you always do, dry rubs, sauces and injected marinades can all be used.

Things You Can’t Do With The Char Broil Big Easy.

Something you can’t do with the Big Easy is deep frying. You can’t duplicate the exact taste of deep fried turkey with an infrared turkey fryer. The taste is great but it’s not the same.

Another thing you wont be able to do with it, is boiling clams, crayfish or steaming vegetables, for that you’ll need one of the outdoor turkey fryers that come with a boiling or a steaming basket.

What’s In The Box:

  • The infrared turkey fryer
  • A cooking basket
  • A basket lifter
  • Rotary ignition
  • Cool touch handles
  • A meat thermometer (I recommend you buy a more accurate wireless meat thermometer)
  • A grease tray (can be used to make gravy)
  • A cooking guide manual

Dimensions & Weight

24.5″H with a 21.1″ diameter
Weight: 30lbs

To conclude:

The Char Broil Big Easy is pretty much idiot proof and a great way to prepare a turkey, especially if you’re health conscious and looking at the calories. It might also be a solution for those who are a little afraid of working with boiling hot cooking oil. I am a devoted (oil using) deep fryer myself but I definitely wouldn’t say no to a turkey that is prepared the infrared way.

Always use the Char Broil Big Easy outdoors!


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Enjoy your bird!

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