Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer

Char Broil Big Easy

The Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer makes use of the patented Tru Infrared technology to prepare a totally delicious and succulent crispy skin turkey and is an excellent alternative to an oil fried turkey.

  • Makes use of patented infra red heat technology
  • Powered by a fully enclosed propane burner
  • Prepares turkeys up to 16 Lbs
  • Drop in basket
  • Birds that are juicy on the inside and totally crispy on the outside
  • Also excellent for chicken and large cuts of meat like beef roasts or pork
  • Use the same injectable marinades or seasoning rubs you always use
  • Cheaper, no oil to purchase
  • Friendly to the environment, no oil to dispose of
  • Healthier than deep fried turkey and less calories
  • Meat is always cooked evenly
  • Safe no splatter, no burns
  • Prepares a turkey just as quickly as oil frying
  • Easy cleaning stainless steel cooking chamber
  • Removable grease tray
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