Kevlar Gloves When It’s Got To Be Heat Resistant!

These Grill Beast Armor Kevlar Gloves are a pair of hardcore heat resistant frying and grilling gloves. How often have you burnt your hands deep frying a turkey? I know all about it, hot oil and little accidents it just comes with the territory.

kevlar gloves for deep frying a turkey

However there’s a simple solution to the problem as $20 buys you a pair of quality heat resisting gloves. No more burnt fingers, no more swearing, that’s one problem fixed.

By the way these gloves are great for indoor cooking as well, ovens, fireplaces you name it, if it’s hot these gloves will come to the rescue.

The Beast Armor Kevlar Gloves are made of a super strong heat resistant light weight Kevlar fiber (Kevlar is the stuff bullet proof vests are made of). The gloves offer good protection as with 4 Inches in length they reach half way up the lower arm.

They are one size fits all, comfortable to wear, machine washable and withstand heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit.

To recapture:

  • Made of ultra strong Kevlar fiber
  • Offer extended protection, gloves reach halfway up the lower arm
  • Up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • One size fits all
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor cooking (outdoor turkey fryers, ovens, smokers, grills, fireplaces)
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

At just $20 what more could you ask for? They look totally badass too! So next time you end up swearing,  deep frying a bird, remember what Jack told you about doing it safe and using gloves!

Enjoy your bird!

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