A World Class Propane Turkey Fryer

Say hello to a champion propane turkey fryer! Maybe turkey fryer is not entirely correct as this beast fries anything from up to 18 pound turkeys, chicken, seafood and fries.

King Kooker Fry Bucket

This propane turkey fryer was made by King Kooker which is a well known maker of outdoor turkey fryers.

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What’s really good about the King Kooker turkey fryer is the tapered design of the cooking pot, this will save oil. You may not think much of it now but it will save you quite a few Dollars over time.

Oil is the biggest expense on running outdoor turkey fryers, if you can do with a gallon less oil to fry a turkey….that’s great!


This propane turkey fryer comes with a 25 quart cooking pot, which is a good size. It can handle turkeys up to 18 pound.  A huge chrome plated frying basket with two handles will safely help you manage even the heaviest loads of deep fried goodness.

The fryer comes with a deep fry thermometer. Don’t mistake a deep fry thermometer for a meat thermometer (the first is to keep an eye on oil temperatures the latter is to check if the turkey is done)

Also included is an instruction booklet on how to operate your propane turkey fryer. You can also find a lot of this information on this site, just check the ”How To” section on Outdoor Turkey Fryers.


So This Propane Turkey Fryer Has No flaws, Right?

Not really! The King Kooker propane turkey fryer comes with a safety timer, this safety feature is meant to prevent the turkey fryer from overheating if left unattended.

A smart feature, however the safety timer automatically shuts off the gas after about 20 minutes, unless you push the button.

This is a big pain for some chefs. My personal opinion is that you should never leave a turkey fryer unattended, boiling oil and an open fire….you get the point!

If you’re still convinced that the safety timer is wasted on you, then you can find a couple of videos on YouTube showing you how to easily bypass the safety feature.

Another small minus is that the fryer doesn’t come with a steamer basket. I love to cook clams or to steam vegetables, so a steamer basket would have been nice. You can always buy one separately if needed.

Deep fried turkey


Features Of The Propane Turkey Fryer:

  • Can handle a turkey up to 18 Pound
  • Powerful cast burner 33000 BTU Firepower
  • Hose with regulator
  • Battery operated timer
  • 25 Quart aluminum cooking pot with tapered design to save oil
  • Chrome plated frying basket with heat resistant handles
  • One aluminum lid
  • CSA certified

Dimensions of the King Kooker Propane Turkey Fryer:

Stand: 15.50 inch L * 11.75 inch W * 14 inch H
Cooking pot: 14.25 inch L * 11.75 inch W * 11 inch H
Fryer basket: 11.75 inch L *   9.50 inch W * 10 inch H

The Bottom Line:

Good, sturdy turkey fryer, which saves quite a bit of oil and fries a ton of food. Great buy for just over a $100.

Enjoy your bird!

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