Turkey Fryer Oil What Type Of Oil Should I Use

Turkey Fryer Oil

What Type Of Turkey Fryer Oil Should I Use?

The best turkey fryer oil is peanut oil as it has a very high flash point, which is the temperature at which it burns. Peanut oil also stays clear the longest. You do want your oil to stay clear so that it can be reused many times, which will save you money!

In case you’re allergic to peanuts and peanut oil, then vegetable or cotton seed oil can be a good alternative.

We always try to buy American produced peanut oil because we highly value our farmers, besides that we believe our farmers need all the support they can get!

Can I Reuse Turkey Fryer Oil After Cooking?

Of course you can, first you have to let it cool down to room temperature. Then you have to get it out of the fryer and filter it. Most convenient way to do this is by using a battery operated cooking oil filter pump. This clever tool will pump out the oil and filter it for you, a funnel with a filter will also do the job, it’s just more of a hassle. Store the peanut oil airtight in its original container and keep it at a cool place. Properly stored it can last for up to six months.

How Do I Know If Used Turkey Fryer Oil Is Still Good To Use?

If the oil hasn’t been overheated or burnt (temperatures above 375/400 degrees Fahrenheit), properly filtered after use and stored at a cool place it should be good to go. To be on the safe side, fry a hand full of French fries before your precious turkey takes a dip, if the fries taste good, you’re good to go.

How Often Can I Reuse The Same Oil?

Most quality peanut oils can be used at temperature for up to six hours. Simple math tells us that should be enough to deep fry six, max seven turkeys at an average one hour frying time. However, you should never let oil get to hot, this will ruin your oil and make it rancid 100%.

Always keep a close eye on temperatures, a reliable cooking oil thermometer is an essential piece of gear for a turkey fryer. If you treat the oil with care (not overheating it, filtering it) you can reuse it many times within the six months storing period.

How To Dispose Of Used Frying Oil?

What you shouldn’t do is pour it down the drain. Search the web for recycling companies or ask a local restaurant if they will have it. Most restaurants make a little money selling their used cooking oil to recycling companies. Recycling companies make green diesel out of it which is good for the environment.

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